A Celebration of Wine

Throughout history, wine has been a drink of the people. From raucous family dinners to intimate weddings, from raging penthouse parties to remote mountain cabins, people have enjoyed the diverse tastes and myriad pairings of wine for millennia.

The Project

The Great Fermentation is a 40,000 square foot multi-sensory museum attraction that we are planning to open in 2019.

In this hands-on and taste buds-open experience we are tearing down the daunting barriers that keep many people from drinking and enjoying wine. An attraction leaving behind the traditional messages of wine connoisseurship and elitism, and delving into the two most important questions that promises to draw more people to wine than ever before – what tastes good to you and why you like what you like. With this understanding guests will find comfort in choosing a wine they will like without the fear of judgment or critique.


Keep an eye out for the traveling TGF troupe, Snooty Merlot, Dr. Shiraz, Fizzy Champagne, Zinny, the Riesling Twins, and friends will undoubtedly pop-up someplace unexpected near you.